BYB Series Large Diameter Butterfly Valves

BYB Series butterfly valves are available in PVC, CPVC, PP and PVDF bodies. Discs are available in CPVC, PP and PVDF. All BYB Series have a 410 SSTL shaft. Liners are FPM, EPDM or Nitrile.

Key Features and Benefits

•   PVC, CPVC, PP and PVDF Bodies
•   PVC, CPVC, PP and PVDF Discs
•   Heavy Duty Gear Operator
•   410 Grade Stainless Steel Stem
•   Choice of FPM, EPDM or Nitrile Liners

Product Options

• Pneumatic or Electric Actuators

• Stem Extensions

Material Classes

•   PVC Cell Class 12454 per ASTM D1784
•   CPVC Cell Class 23447 per ASTM D1784
•   PP per ASTM D4101
•   PVDF
•   FPM and EPDM Liners
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Item # Disc MaterialLiner MaterialOperation TypeBody Material/TypePipe Size CAD/BIM
BYB1140F3GGA PP DiscFPMGear OperatedPVC Body, non-lugged14 in
BYB1140N3GGA PP DiscNitrileGear OperatedPVC Body, non-lugged14 in
BYB1160F3GGA PP DiscFPMGear OperatedPVC Body, non-lugged16 in
BYB1160E3GGA PP DiscEPDMGear OperatedPVC Body, non-lugged16 in
BYB1160N3GGA PP DiscNitrileGear OperatedPVC Body, non-lugged16 in
BYB1180F3GGA PP DiscFPMGear OperatedPVC Body, non-lugged18 in
BYB1180E3GGA PP DiscEPDMGear OperatedPVC Body, non-lugged18 in
BYB1180N3GGA PP DiscNitrileGear OperatedPVC Body, non-lugged18 in
BYB1200F3GGA PP DiscFPMGear OperatedPVC Body, non-lugged20 in
BYB1200E3GGA PP DiscEPDMGear OperatedPVC Body, non-lugged20 in
BYB1200N3GGA PP DiscNitrileGear OperatedPVC Body, non-lugged20 in
BYB1240F3GGA PP DiscFPMGear OperatedPVC Body, non-lugged24 in
BYB1240E3GGA PP DiscEPDMGear OperatedPVC Body, non-lugged24 in
BYB1240N3GGA PP DiscNitrileGear OperatedPVC Body, non-lugged24 in
BYB2140F2GGA CPVC DiscFPMGear OperatedCPVC Body, non-lugged14 in
BYB2140E2GGA CPVC DiscEPDMGear OperatedCPVC Body, non-lugged14 in
BYB2140N2GGA CPVC DiscNitrileGear OperatedCPVC Body, non-lugged14 in
BYB2160F2GGA CPVC DiscFPMGear OperatedCPVC Body, non-lugged16 in
BYB2160E2GGA CPVC DiscEPDMGear OperatedCPVC Body, non-lugged16 in
BYB2160N2GGA CPVC DiscNitrileGear OperatedCPVC Body, non-lugged16 in
BYB2180F2GGA CPVC DiscFPMGear OperatedCPVC Body, non-lugged18 in
BYB2180E2GGA CPVC DiscEPDMGear OperatedCPVC Body, non-lugged18 in
BYB2180N2GGA CPVC DiscNitrileGear OperatedCPVC Body, non-lugged18 in
BYB2200F2GGA CPVC DiscFPMGear OperatedCPVC Body, non-lugged20 in
BYB2200E2GGA CPVC DiscEPDMGear OperatedCPVC Body, non-lugged20 in
BYB2200N2GGA CPVC DiscNitrileGear OperatedCPVC Body, non-lugged20 in
BYB2240F2GGA CPVC DiscFPMGear OperatedCPVC Body, non-lugged24 in
BYB2240E2GGA CPVC DiscEPDMGear OperatedCPVC Body, non-lugged24 in
BYB2240N2GGA CPVC DiscNitrileGear OperatedCPVC Body, non-lugged24 in
BYB3140F3GGA PP DiscFPMGear OperatedPP Body, non-lugged14 in
BYB3140E3GGA PP DiscEPDMGear OperatedPP Body, non-lugged14 in
BYB3140N3GGA PP DiscNitrileGear OperatedPP Body, non-lugged14 in
BYB3160F3GGA PP DiscFPMGear OperatedPP Body, non-lugged16 in
BYB3160E3GGA PP DiscEPDMGear OperatedPP Body, non-lugged16 in
BYB3160N3GGA PP DiscNitrileGear OperatedPP Body, non-lugged16 in
BYB3180F3GGA PP DiscFPMGear OperatedPP Body, non-lugged18 in
BYB3180E3GGA PP DiscEPDMGear OperatedPP Body, non-lugged18 in
BYB3180N3GGA PP DiscNitrileGear OperatedPP Body, non-lugged18 in
BYB3200F3GGA PP DiscFPMGear OperatedPP Body, non-lugged20 in
BYB3200E3GGA PP DiscEPDMGear OperatedPP Body, non-lugged20 in
BYB3200N3GGA PP DiscNitrileGear OperatedPP Body, non-lugged20 in
BYB3240F3GGA PP DiscFPMGear OperatedPP Body, non-lugged24 in
BYB3240E3GGA PP DiscEPDMGear OperatedPP Body, non-lugged24 in
BYB3240N3GGA PP DiscNitrileGear OperatedPP Body, non-lugged24 in
BYB5140F5GWA PVDF DiscFPMGear OperatedPVDF Body, non-lugged14 in
BYB5140E5GWA PVDF DiscEPDMGear OperatedPVDF Body, non-lugged14 in
BYB5140N5GWA PVDF DiscNitrileGear OperatedPVDF Body, non-lugged14 in
BYB5160F5GWA PVDF DiscFPMGear OperatedPVDF Body, non-lugged16 in
BYB5160E5GWA PVDF DiscEPDMGear OperatedPVDF Body, non-lugged16 in
BYB5160N5GWA PVDF DiscNitrileGear OperatedPVDF Body, non-lugged16 in
BYB5180F5GWA PVDF DiscFPMGear OperatedPVDF Body, non-lugged18 in
BYB5180E5GWA PVDF DiscEPDMGear OperatedPVDF Body, non-lugged18 in
BYB5180N5GWA PVDF DiscNitrileGear OperatedPVDF Body, non-lugged18 in
BYB5200F5GWA PVDF DiscFPMGear OperatedPVDF Body, non-lugged20 in
BYB5200E5GWA PVDF DiscEPDMGear OperatedPVDF Body, non-lugged20 in
BYB5200N5GWA PVDF DiscNitrileGear OperatedPVDF Body, non-lugged20 in
BYB5240F5GWA PVDF DiscFPMGear OperatedPVDF Body, non-lugged24 in
BYB5240E5GWA PVDF DiscEPDMGear OperatedPVDF Body, non-lugged24 in
BYB5240N5GWA PVDF DiscNitrileGear OperatedPVDF Body, non-lugged24 in
BYB1140F3KGA PP DiscFPMActuation ReadyPVC Body, non-lugged14 in
BYB1140E3KGA PP DiscEPDMActuation ReadyPVC Body, non-lugged14 in
BYB1140N3KGA PP DiscNitrileActuation ReadyPVC Body, non-lugged14 in
BYB1160F3KGA PP DiscFPMActuation ReadyPVC Body, non-lugged16 in
BYB1160E3KGA PP DiscEPDMActuation ReadyPVC Body, non-lugged16 in
BYB1160N3KGA PP DiscNitrileActuation ReadyPVC Body, non-lugged16 in
BYB1180F3KGA PP DiscFPMActuation ReadyPVC Body, non-lugged18 in
BYB1180E3KGA PP DiscEPDMActuation ReadyPVC Body, non-lugged18 in
BYB1180N3KGA PP DiscNitrileActuation ReadyPVC Body, non-lugged18 in
BYB1200F3KGA PP DiscFPMActuation ReadyPVC Body, non-lugged20 in
BYB1200E3KGA PP DiscEPDMActuation ReadyPVC Body, non-lugged20 in
BYB1200N3KGA PP DiscNitrileActuation ReadyPVC Body, non-lugged20 in
BYB1240F3KGA PP DiscFPMActuation ReadyPVC Body, non-lugged24 in
BYB1240E3KGA PP DiscEPDMActuation ReadyPVC Body, non-lugged24 in
BYB1240N3KGA PP DiscNitrileActuation ReadyPVC Body, non-lugged24 in
BYB2140F2KGA CPVC DiscFPMActuation ReadyCPVC Body, non-lugged14 in
BYB2140E2KGA CPVC DiscEPDMActuation ReadyCPVC Body, non-lugged14 in
BYB2140N2KGA CPVC DiscNitrileActuation ReadyCPVC Body, non-lugged14 in
BYB2160F2KGA CPVC DiscFPMActuation ReadyCPVC Body, non-lugged16 in
BYB2160E2KGA CPVC DiscEPDMActuation ReadyCPVC Body, non-lugged16 in
BYB2160N2KGA CPVC DiscNitrileActuation ReadyCPVC Body, non-lugged16 in
BYB2180F2KGA CPVC DiscFPMActuation ReadyCPVC Body, non-lugged18 in
BYB2180E2KGA CPVC DiscEPDMActuation ReadyCPVC Body, non-lugged18 in
BYB2180N2KGA CPVC DiscNitrileActuation ReadyCPVC Body, non-lugged18 in
BYB2200F2KGA CPVC DiscFPMActuation ReadyCPVC Body, non-lugged20 in
BYB2200E2KGA CPVC DiscEPDMActuation ReadyCPVC Body, non-lugged20 in
BYB2200N2KGA CPVC DiscNitrileActuation ReadyCPVC Body, non-lugged20 in
BYB2240F2KGA CPVC DiscFPMActuation ReadyCPVC Body, non-lugged24 in
BYB2240E2KGA CPVC DiscEPDMActuation ReadyCPVC Body, non-lugged24 in
BYB2240N2KGA CPVC DiscNitrileActuation ReadyCPVC Body, non-lugged24 in
BYB3140F3KGA PP DiscFPMActuation ReadyPP Body, non-lugged14 in
BYB3140E3KGA PP DiscEPDMActuation ReadyPP Body, non-lugged14 in
BYB3140N3KGA PP DiscNitrileActuation ReadyPP Body, non-lugged14 in
BYB3160F3KGA PP DiscFPMActuation ReadyPP Body, non-lugged16 in
BYB3160E3KGA PP DiscEPDMActuation ReadyPP Body, non-lugged16 in
BYB3160N3KGA PP DiscNitrileActuation ReadyPP Body, non-lugged16 in
BYB3180F3KGA PP DiscFPMActuation ReadyPP Body, non-lugged18 in
BYB3180E3KGA PP DiscEPDMActuation ReadyPP Body, non-lugged18 in
BYB3180N3KGA PP DiscNitrileActuation ReadyPP Body, non-lugged18 in
BYB3200F3KGA PP DiscFPMActuation ReadyPP Body, non-lugged20 in
BYB3200E3KGA PP DiscEPDMActuation ReadyPP Body, non-lugged20 in
BYB3200N3KGA PP DiscNitrileActuation ReadyPP Body, non-lugged20 in
BYB3240F3KGA PP DiscFPMActuation ReadyPP Body, non-lugged24 in
BYB3240E3KGA PP DiscEPDMActuation ReadyPP Body, non-lugged24 in
BYB3240N3KGA PP DiscNitrileActuation ReadyPP Body, non-lugged24 in
BYB5140F5KGA PVDF DiscFPMActuation ReadyPVDF Body, non-lugged14 in
BYB5140E5KGA PVDF DiscEPDMActuation ReadyPVDF Body, non-lugged14 in
BYB5140N5KGA PVDF DiscNitrileActuation ReadyPVDF Body, non-lugged14 in
BYB5160F5KGA PVDF DiscFPMActuation ReadyPVDF Body, non-lugged16 in
BYB5160E5KGA PVDF DiscEPDMActuation ReadyPVDF Body, non-lugged16 in
BYB5160N5KGA PVDF DiscNitrileActuation ReadyPVDF Body, non-lugged16 in
BYB5180F5KGA PVDF DiscFPMActuation ReadyPVDF Body, non-lugged18 in
BYB5180E5KGA PVDF DiscEPDMActuation ReadyPVDF Body, non-lugged18 in
BYB5180N5KGA PVDF DiscNitrileActuation ReadyPVDF Body, non-lugged18 in
BYB5200F5KGA PVDF DiscFPMActuation ReadyPVDF Body, non-lugged20 in
BYB5200E5KGA PVDF DiscEPDMActuation ReadyPVDF Body, non-lugged20 in
BYB5200N5KGA PVDF DiscNitrileActuation ReadyPVDF Body, non-lugged20 in
BYB5240F5KGA PVDF DiscFPMActuation ReadyPVDF Body, non-lugged24 in
BYB5240E5KGA PVDF DiscEPDMActuation ReadyPVDF Body, non-lugged24 in
BYB5240N5KGA PVDF DiscNitrileActuation ReadyPVDF Body, non-lugged24 in
BYB1140E3GGA PVC DiscEPDMGear OperatedPVC Body, non-lugged14 in