6" PVC Wafer Full Pattern Check Valve w/SS spring; FPM o-ring

Item # WCV1600VS
List Price: $1,007.60

Product Description

New Full Pattern Wafer Check Valves in PVC and CPVC, sizes 2" - 12" with FPM or EPDM Gasket and Disc Seals. Spring return option in 316 Stainless Steel or Hastelloy materials. No spacers or specialty flanges required.

Pipe Size
6 in
Sealing Material
Spring Material
Stainless Steel Spring
End Connection Type
Full Pattern Wafer
Pressure Rating
150 PSI
Cv Coefficient

• Robust Full Pattern Body
• Available in PVC and CPVC
• No Special Spacers or Flanges Required
• High Cv Rating, Saves on Energy and Pump Wear
• FPM or EPDM Gasket and Face Seal
• One-Piece Disc and Shaft Design
• Designed for ANSI150 and PN10 Flanges*
• Contoured Inlet Port for Reduced Head Loss
• Lower Closing Pressure than Swing Check Valves
• Integral Bolt Eyes for Ease of Installation for Large Sizes (4" - 12")
• Can be Installed in Vertical or Horizontal Position
• Pressure Rated to 150 PSI/PN10 in All Sizes

• 316 Stainless Steel or Hastelloy® Disc Spring

• PVC per ASTM D1784 Cell Class 12454
• CPVC per ASTM D1784 Cell Class 23447
• FPM and EPDM Gasket and Disc Seals

All thermoplastic wafer check valves shall be manufactured with PVC Type 1, Grade 1 (ASTM D1784, Cell Classification 12454), CPVC (ASTM D1784, Cell Classification 23447), or glass filled Polypropylene (ASTM D4101, Cell Classification 85580). All O-rings and seals shall be EPDM or FPM. Body shall be full pattern design with integral spacer. Body shall contain contoured inlet to ensure self-cleaning capabilities. Body shall contain integral eyelets/external tabs to assist with installation. Disc shall be one-piece, teardrop design. Seat shall be tilted-disc design for better seating characteristics. For spring-assisted discs, spring material shall be 316 stainless steel, or Hastelloy® as required. All 2" – 8" wafer check valves shall be pressure-rated for 150 PSI at 70°F non-shock. All Thermoplastic Wafer Check Valves shall carry a three-year global warranty, shall be manufactured by Hayward® Flow Control and in the USA.