ABS Approval for Hayward CPVC Products

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Clemmons, NC (October 19, 2015)—Hayward Flow Control is pleased to announce that it has attained American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) product approvals for the majority of its industry leading range of CPVC thermoplastic flow control products.

The following product lines from Hayward have been approved for Marine & Offshore Applications for Non-Essential Systems, including Fresh Water, Seawater, Potable Water, Grey Water, Black Water, Brine, Hot & Cold Water Distribution, Deck Wash Systems, Cooling & Chilled Water Systems, Scuppers, Drains, Sanitary, etc. in Services requiring no Fire Endurance Testing or Electrical Conductivity as per 4-6-3/Table 1 of the Steel Vessels Rules.

  • BFA—Series Bulkhead Fittings
  • BFAS—Series Bulkhead Fittings
  • BY—Series Butterfly Valves
  • BYV—Series Butterfly Valves
  • FLV—Series (GFPP) Filter Vessels
  • SB—Series Basket Strainers
  • SW—Series Swing Check Valves
  • TB—Series True Union Ball Valves
  • TC—Series True Union Ball Check Valves
  • TW—Series Three Way Ball Valves
  • WCV—Series Wafer Check Valves
  • YS—Series Y-Strainers

Additionally, CPVC flow control products from Hayward offer superior corrosion resistance, high temperature capability and robust design to insure performance to your systems specifications. Haywards CPVC ball, check and butterfly valves are NSF-61G Listed for potable water systems.

About Hayward Flow Control
Hayward Flow Control, a division of Hayward Industries, is a leading manufacturer of industrial thermoplastic valves, actuation and controls, instrumentation, filters, strainers, bulkhead fittings, and tank accessories and corrosion resistant pumps for use in water and wastewater treatment, chemical processing & transfer, chemical feed, aquatic/animal life support systems and general processing systems. Hayward's thermoplastic flow control products can accommodate aggressive and corrosive environments, delicate ecosystems or the strictest chemical balances to keep water and life working together. Hayward Flow Control is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified manufacturer.

For more information, contact Hayward Flow Control at 1.888.429.4635 or by email at hflow@hayward.com. Visit us also at haywardflowcontrol.com.

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