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Filter Bags
Product Description
Bags in PP and Polyester Needle Felt, and PP and Nylon Monofilament Mesh fit industry standard sizes; No. 1, 7 in. x 16 in. and No. 2, 7 in. x 32 in. Sewn and Welded Construction.
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  • Silicone Free Bags and Thread
  • Needle Felt and Monofilament Mesh Materials
  • Sewn Construction has Two Rows of Stitching
  • Sewn Construction has Sewn-In PP Ring
  • Welded Construction Fuses the Bag Together to Form a Strong Seal
  • Welded Construction Has PP Flange and PP Handles


  • Needle Felt - Prefiltration in Water Treatment
  • Needle Felt - Amine Filtration in Petroleum Industry
  • Needle Felt - Electrophoretic Paint Filtration in Automotive Industry
  • Needle Felt - Syrup Filtration
  • Needle Felt - Raw Medicine Filtration
  • Needle Felt - Recycled Water Filtration in Electronic Industries
  • Monofilament Mesh - Prefiltration in Metallurgy Industry
  • Monofilament Mesh - Degreasing in Automotive Industry
  • Monofilament Mesh - Raw Water Filtration in Water Treatment Industry
  • Monofilament Mesh - Coolant Filtration in Paint Industry
  • Monofilament Mesh - Cutting Fluid Filtration in Machine Industry
  • Monofilament Mesh - Coarse Filtration in Chemical Industry
  • Monofilament Mesh - Recycled Water Filtration in Paper Mills