"Plug & Play" Instrumentation Products

Innovative and corrosion resistant "Plug & Play" Instrumentation Products

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Clemmons, NC (January 5, 2015)—Hayward Flow Control announces the launch of its innovative and corrosion resistant “Plug & Play “Instrumentation Products and Solutions featuring easy to install designs, thermoplastic construction, high accuracy and measurement of processes.

The Hayward “Plug & Play” Instrumentation now includes in-line and insertion style paddlewheel flow meters, pressure gauges, level sensors, displays & controls, as well as surge suppressors. All products are made with high performance thermoplastic materials to measure and regulate your system’s performance in the most demanding corrosive environments and chemical systems. Additionally, this revolutionary line of flow meters, level sensors and gauges expands Hayward’s industry leading range of thermoplastic fluid handling products and the applications they serve today.

Key Features & Highlights of the Hayward Instrumentation line up Include:

  • The TF Series True Union in-line paddlewheel flowmeters with integrated LED transmitter and display, from sizes ½” – 4”, in PVC and PP materials.
  • TFD Digital insertion paddlewheel flow meters featuring LED display and alarm. Also available are the TFT Series standard cable insertion paddlewheel flow meters.
  • Next Generation Pressure Gauges in all thermoplastic construction, with digital and analog displays as well as alarm capability.
  • All thermoplastic Level Pressure Transmitters with displays and controls. Eliminates the issues and challenges that ultrasonic and radar sensors cannot overcome. Ideal for applications where foam, vapor and turbulence exist in an installation.

All Instrumentation product lines are backed by Hayward’s Exclusive 2 Year Warranty.

Typical applications or installations include but not limited to are wastewater and water treatment, chemical transfer and processing, aquatic and animal life support systems, mining, metal plating / surface finishing, marine, landfills / environmental infrastructure and water / theme parks.

About Hayward Flow Control
Hayward Flow Control, a division of Hayward Industries, is a leading manufacturer of industrial thermoplastic valves, actuation and controls, filters, strainers, bulkhead fittings and tank accessories and pumps for use in water and wastewater treatment, chemical processing, aquatic/animal life support systems and general processing systems. Hayward's thermoplastic flow control products can accommodate aggressive and corrosive environments, delicate ecosystems or the strictest chemical balances to keep water and life working together. Hayward Flow Control is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified manufacturer.

For more information, contact Hayward Flow Control at 1.888.429.4635 or by email at hflow@haywardnet.com. Visit us also at haywardflowcontrol.com.

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