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TBH Series True Union Ball Valves
Product Description

The TBH Series features a low maintenance design with its new patent pending System2™ Sealing Technology for sizes up to 2”/DN50. Sizes 2-1/2” through 6” feature have energized PTFE seats with backing O-ring as standard. All seats are reversible to allow easy field rebuild. Assisting users in protecting property and life, a standard integral lock-out feature secures onto the body of the valve. Actuator ready design with ISO 5211 pattern – on all sizes. Available in sizes 1/4˝ through 6” / DN15 – DN150 in PVC and CPVC materials. The TBH Series are fully pressure rated for 250 PSI / PN16 at 70°F/23°C non-shock up to 2”/DN50. Sizes 2-1/2”/DN65 – 4”/DN100 sizes are pressure rated for 235psi at 70°F non-shock. Lastly, the TBH is available with IPS or DIN/EN and JIS socket, threaded and flanged end connections for global use.

  • Full 250 psi / PN16 Rating up to 2”/DN50 and 235psi/PN16, Non-Shock at 70°F / 23°C.
  • Integral ISO 5211 Mounting Pad for Easy Actuation
  • Standard Lock-Out Plate, Lock-Out / Tag-Out for up to 4 Locks
  • System2™ Sealing Technology Seat Carrier Design for sizes up to 2”/DN50– Patent Pending
  • Permanent Laser Markings, Eliminates Labels
  • System friendly "Molded-In" Footpad for Skid or Panel Mount
  • UV Resistant Sure Grip Ergonomic Handle
  • FPM or EPDM Seals
  • Double O-Ring Stem Seals
  • Reversible PTFE Seats - Standard
  • Easy Replacement for Existing Hayward TB Series

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