ECP Series Glass Filled Polypropylene Electric Actuators

The ECP features a GFPP (Glass Filled Polypropylene) housing that provides the actuator superior corrosion resistance and performance in environments and atmospheres where most metal actuators cannot. Compact actuator for all applications. Standard 24~265VAC/VDC, 2 auxiliary limit switches, heater, LED status, position indicator and manual override. GFPP thermoplastic housing. NEMA 4X (IP67). Proportional control and battery fail safe are factory installed options available at time of order.

Key Features and Benefits

•   Ideal for Corrosive Atmosphere and Environments
•   Corrosion-Resistant GFPP Housing
•   LED Status Light
•   Anti-Condensation Heater
•   Manual Override
•   Position Indicator
•   4 SPDT Micro Limit Switches
•   Lightweight - Easy for Installation
•   ISO 5211 Mounting Base
•   Stainless Steel Fasteners 303 SS
•   100% Factory Tested
•   CE Mark
•   Thermal Overload Protection
•   Auto Switching Power Supply

Product Options

• Digital Positioner 4-20mA or 2-10V
• Battery Fail Safe Kit

Material Classes

o GFPP (Glass Filled Polypropylene) per 314ASTM D4101 Cell Class 85580
Item # VoltageTorque RatingControlChassisPower Type CAD/BIM Available
ECP3ECP Series Electric Actuator 353 IN*LB 24~265VAC/VDC F07 X 14mm 24~265VAC/VDC Auto Selecting359 in/lbsOn/OffECP3AC/DC
ECP5ECP Series Electric Actuator 530 IN*LB 24~265VAC/VDC F07 X 14mm 24~265VAC/VDC Auto Selecting530 in/lbsOn/OffECP5AC/DC
ECP8 24~265VAC/VDC Auto Selecting796 in/lbsOn/OffECP7AC/DC