HMC300 Web-enabled Multi-Channel, Multi-parameter Controller

Hayward’s HMC300 web-enabled multi-channel, multi-parameter controller offers a low-cost solution to PLCs for many aquatic, industrial and municipal applications. The HMC300 allows process monitoring and control of up to 8 input channels from anywhere in the world. The HMC300 comes with 4 programmable relays, expandable to 10. Hayward offers a wide range of sensors and accessories to customize the controller for your specific application.

Key Features and Benefits

•   Inputs for four 4-20 mA sensors of any kind in any combination: pH, ORP, conductivity, dissolved O2, Chlorine, level and more
•   Inputs for three frequency or pulse counters, including Hayward HEX flow sensors
•   Outputs of four relays programmable for any of the inputs
•   Alarm notifications by e-mail, text, and/or display for each input
•   100% web enabled from set-up to data collection to remote viewing with password protection
•   Perform differential measurement from two analog inputs
•   Data logging, logs are downloadable from web
•   1/4 DIN panel mounted enclosure with adapter for wall mounting
•   Three levels of security to allow the appropriate access to personnel
Item # Model CAD/BIM Available
HMC300Multiparameter (4-20 input) Controller Web Enabled Multi-Parameter Controller HMC300