LifeStar XE® Aquatic Pumps

LifeStar® XE Ultra-High Efficiency Aquatic Pumps are built to deliver maximum energy savings in the most sensitive aquatic habitats. In compliance with new Department of Energy regulations, the Lifestar® XE is easily programmable with up to 6 selectable speeds as well as one-push manual override. Continuing the Lifestar® life support system operation standards, the XE includes a corrosion resistant GFPP pump housing, all wetted hardware manufactured from 316SS, silicon carbide shaft seal and clear basket strainer lid for quick visual inspection. Offered in 1.85HP and 2.25HP single phase open-drip proof motors with dual voltage compatibility.

Key Features and Benefits

•   Ideal for Sensitive Aquatic Environments or Salt Water Systems
•   Easily Programmable with up to 6 Selectable Speeds
•   All Wetted Hardware Manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel
•   Silicon Carbide/Silicon Carbide Shaft Seal Suitable for Fresh and Salt Water Use
•   Corrosion Resistant GFPP Pump Housing
•   Self-Priming Pump
•   Clear Basket Strainer Lid for Visual Inspection
•   Elevated Base Ensures Better Ventilation and Protection from Flooding
•   Perforated 1/8" HDPE Strainer Basket
•   Dual Voltage for Greater Install Versatility
•   Drop-in Replacement for any existing Lifestar® Installation
•   2" Socket x 2-1/2" Spigot PVC True Union Connections Included

Material Classes

GFPP Cell Class 85580 per ASTM D4101
Item # VoltagePhaseModelHorsepowerMotor Type CAD/BIM Available
1A3SES16XE1.85 HP 1PH Aquatic Pump ODP Multi Speed 230/115V 115/230Single PhaseA-Series XE1.85 HP 6-SpeedODP
1A3SES17XE2.25 HP 1PH Aquatic Pump ODP Multi Speed 230/115V 115/230Single PhaseA-Series XE2.25 HP 6-SpeedODP