IV Series Injection Valves

The IV Series Injection Valves ensure that chemical feed systems inject into the center of a process stream for better mixing and to prevent corrosion inside the process pipe. The check valve prevents the process fluid from going back up the chemical line. 45° Bevel. EPDM seals optional.

Key Features and Benefits

•   Built-in ball check valve with Hastelloy C™ spring, with the IV check being rebuildable
•   Threaded MNPT End Connections
•   FPM O-Ring Seals
•   45° Bevel on Quill Tip
•   Pressure rated to 150 psi @ 70°F

Product Options

• Flat Bevel

• Socket End Connections

• EPDM O-Ring Seals

Material Classes

o PVC Cell Class 12454 per ASTM D1784 o CPVC Cell Class 23447 per ASTM D1784 o PVDF o FPM or EPDM O-Ring Seals