1-1/2" CPVC Pressure Regulator Valves w/FPM seals; threaded end connections

Item # PR20150T
List Price: CA$3,031.40

Product Description

Piston style Pressure Regulators ideal for high viscosity fluids. Available in size 1/4 in. to 1-1/2 in. PVC or CPVC, with threaded or flanged ends. Metric threads available upon request. Standard FPM Seals and can be set from 5 to 75 psi. EPDM Seals optional.

Pipe Size
1-1/2 in
End Connection Type
Pressure Rating
150 PSI

• Available in PVC and CPVC
• Hand Adjustable, No Tools Needed
• Integrally Molded Threaded Gauge Port
• Regulates from 5 to 75 PSI
• Prevents Downstream Pressure from Exceeding the Set Pressure

• 0 to 30 PSI Pressure Gauge

• 0 to 60 PSI Pressure Gauge

• 0 to 160 PSI Pressure Gauge

• Gauge Guards

• Flanged Ends

o PVC Cell Class 12454 per ASTM D1784
o CPVC Cell Class 23447 per ASTM D1784
o FPM O-Ring Seals