PS Series Pneumatic Actuators

Hayward Flow Control is proud to announce the addition of the PS Series Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Actuators to our expanding range of actuators and controls. The PS Series features a robust aluminum body with a three-layer Epoxy / Urethane coating for superior corrosion and abrasion resistance to handle harsh environments. With a very robust, lightweight, and extremely compact design, the PS Series also allows for ease of installation in tight spaces and less line weight where it is critical. Internally, the PS Series employs a scotch yoke design resulting in less friction and longer life of the actuator. The operating torque profile closely matches the torque profile of mating valves due to the scotch yoke design. This results in a smaller volume & size assembly when attached to the valve. Available in both double acting and spring return models, the PS Series has a torque range at 80psi supply, from 133 in-lbs/15Nm to 398 in-lbs/45Nm for double acting, and a range of 133 in-lbs/15Nm to 469 in-lbs/53Nm for spring return. All models have NAMUR VDI/VDE 3845 mounting for solenoids and ISO5211 mounting base.

Key Features and Benefits

•   Scotch Yoke Quarter-Turn Design - Less Friction than Rack & Pinion

•   Ideal for Corrosive Atmosphere and Environments

•   Stainless Steel Drive Shaft/Indicator Shaft and Stainless Steel Hardware Standard

•   Available in Double Acting and Spring Return Models

•   Adjustable Rotation Angle

•   Linear Motion - No Teeth or Gears

•   Permanent Lubrication

•   Lower Air Consumption than Rack & Pinion

•   Smaller Size Compared to Equivalent Rack & Pinion Torque Rating

•   Position Indicator

•   Namur-Style Top-Works Mounting

•   Namur-Style Solenoid Mounting

•   ISO 5211 Mounting Base

Product Options

• Fail Open for Spring Return
• Solenoid Valves with Optional Voltages