HCF Series Commercial Sand Filter

HCF Series sand filters set a new standard for performance and longevity in Life Support Systems for Aquariums and Zoos, Aquaculture, Water Parks and other Aquatic systems. Designed to efficiently lengthen filter cycles, they are also simple to install and maintain, giving you years of effective, worry-free filtration performance.

Key Features and Benefits

•   Available in 30”, 34” and 36” Sizes

•   50PSI Max Working Pressure

•   EPDM O-ring and Seals

•   UV-protectant gel coat protects the filter from the elements

•   Transparent manway design simplifies operation and improves durability

•   Multi-diffuser Distribution Heads and Oversized Laterals Improve Filtration and Lengthen Filter Cycle Time

•   Robust PVC and ABS injection-molded internals with slotted laterals provide high performance and resistance in corrosive applications

•   Valve and pressure gauge configuration offer durability and increased accuracy

•   NSF/ANSI 50 Listed

Product Options

• Hayward GG Series Gauges & Gauge Guards for Saltwater Applications
• Multiport Valve

Item # Filter Size CAD/BIM Available
HCF234CHCF Series Laminated FRP Sand Filter 34", 2" Ports 34 in
HCF336CHCF Series Laminated FRP Sand Filter 36", 3" Flanged Ports 36" Flanged
HFC230CHCF Series Laminated FRP Sand Filter 30", 2" Ports 30 in
HCF236CHCF Series Laminated FRP Sand Filter 36", 2.5" Ports 36 in