T Series Vertical Seal Less Immersible Pumps

T Series features a single, non-coupled motor/impeller shaft with a proprietary patent-pending PTFE shaft seal. “Patented” Pat. No.: 11,022,133; 9,745,993.

Key Features and Benefits

•   Available in CPVC, GFPP and PVDF
•   Single, Non-Coupled Motor Shaft 303 SS
•   Proprietary, Patented PTFE Shaft Seal
•   Extended Shaft Sleeve
•   Solid, Stable One-Piece Shaft
•   Seal Point Away from Weep Hole
•   Less Vibration
•   Runs True

Product Options

• Optional Inlet Screen
• In-Tank Filtration
• Impeller Trim Variations
• Explosion-Proof Motors
• Wash-Down Motors
• 575V Motors

Material Classes

•   CPVC Cell Class 23447 per ASTM D1784
•   GFPP Cell Class 85580 per ASTM D4101
•   PVDF
Item # VoltagePhaseModelHorsepowerMotor Type CAD/BIM Available
1T6GX0008 115/230Single PhaseT-Series CPVC1 HPTEFC
1T8GX0003 115/230Single PhaseT-Series GFPP1-1/2 HPTEFC
1T4GX0003 115/230Single PhaseT-Series GFPP1/2 HPTEFC
1T4HX0008 208/230-460Three PhaseT-Series CPVC1/2 HPTEFC
1T8GX0008 115/230Single PhaseT-Series CPVC1-1/2 HPTEFC
1T5HX0008 208/230-460Three PhaseT-Series CPVC3/4 HPTEFC
1T5GX0008 115/230Single PhaseT-Series CPVC3/4 HPTEFC
1T6HX0003 208/230-460Three PhaseT-Series GFPP1 HPTEFC
1T5HX0003 208/230-460Three PhaseT-Series GFPP3/4 HPTEFC
1T8HX0003 208/230-460Three PhaseT-Series GFPP1-1/2 HPTEFC
1T2HX0003 208/230-460Three PhaseT-Series GFPP1/3 HPTEFC
1T8HX0008 208/230-460Three PhaseT-Series CPVC1-1/2 HPTEFC
1T4GX0008 115/230Single PhaseT-Series CPVC1/2 HPTEFC
1T2HX0008 208/230-460Three PhaseT-Series CPVC1/3 HPTEFC
1T6HX0008 208/230-460Three PhaseT-Series CPVC1 HPTEFC
1T4HX0003 208/230-460Three PhaseT-Series GFPP1/2 HPTEFC
1T5GX0003 115/230Single PhaseT-Series GFPP3/4 HPTEFC
1T6GX0003 115/230Single PhaseT-Series GFPP1 HPTEFC
1T2GX0008T2 Model CPVC 1/2 HP 115/230 1Phase 115/230Single PhaseT-Series CPVC1/3 HPTEFC
1T2GX0003T2 Model CPVC 1/2 HP 115/230 1Phase 115/230Single PhaseT-Series GFPP1/3 HPTEFC