PM4 Series Pneumatic Actuators

Hayward PM4 Series pneumatic actuator offers an air-to-air or fail-safe air to spring 2-piston rack & pinion design with manual override, position indicator, Namur-style mounting and cycle speed controls on all with a corrosion-resistant GFPP housing.
Key Features and Benefits
o Double Acting Air-to-Open and Close or o Air to Spring Fail Safe Operation o Corrosion-Resistant GFPP Housing o Ideal for Corrosive Atmosphere and Environments o Anodized Aluminum Two-Piston Rack and 303 Stainless Steel Pinion o Manual Override o Position Indicator o Permanently Lubricated Rack and Pinion o Lightweight - Easy for Installation o Namur-Style Top-Works Mounting o Namur-Style Solenoid Mounting o ISO5211 Mounting Base o Stainless Steel Fasteners o Alternative Operating Media for 80 PSI to 120 PSI
Product Options
o Solenoid Valves with Optional Voltages
o Declutchable Manual Override
o Auxiliary Limit Switch
o Cycle Speed Control