LifeStar® Series MV Medium Head Aquatic Pumps

The new LifeStar®MV pumps from Hayward Flow Control are a game changer in global aquatic and animal life support pump performance and versatility. Engineered for heavy-duty durability, the LifeStar®MV sets a new standard of pump performance. With Best In Class hydraulics, the LifeStar®MV pumps are the first 3" pumps to achieve hydraulic efficiency of 350 GPM and heads to 100' (7 HP model), while saving more energy than any comparable pump on the market.The LifeStar®MV features a modular corrosion resistant Glass Filled Polypropylene (GFPP) housing and oversized strainer basket for flexible installation and ease of service. A silicon carbide/silicon carbide shaft seal and all wetted hardware manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel are standard for superior life cycle in aquatic applications. Heavy-duty TEFC motors are standard for all sizes and models. The LifeStar®MV is also available with a variable speed drive integrated into the motor housing.

Key Features and Benefits

•   VFD Compatible
•   Modular Strainer Basket Design - Can Be Mounted Remotely
•   3” Flanged Connection - Basket to Pump
•   Corrosion Resistant Housing
•   Self-Priming
•   Suitable for High Volume Pumping
•   Perforated HDPE Basket
•   Clear High Capacity Basket Strainer Lid for Visual Inspection
•   Elevated Base Ensures Ventilation and Protection from Flooding
•   Industrial Grade TEFC Motor
•   2.5” x 3” End Connections
Item # VoltagePhaseModelHorsepowerMotor Type CAD/BIM Available
1APSES362HP 3PH Aquatic Plus Pump 208/230V-460V 208-230/460 60HzThree PhaseMV2 HPTEFC
1APSES185HP 1PH Aquatic Plus Pump 208/230V 208-230 60HzSingle PhaseMV5 HPTEFC
1APSES397HP 3PH Aquatic Plus Pump 208/230V-460V 208-230/460 60HzThree PhaseMV7 HPTEFC
1APSES385HP 3PH Aquatic Plus Pump 208/230V-460V 208-230/460 60HzThree PhaseMV5 HPTEFC
1APSES373HP 3PH Aquatic Plus Pump 208/230V-460V 208-230/460 60HzThree PhaseMV3 HPTEFC