HRS Series Electric Actuation for Hazardous Locations - Class Zone

Hayward’s HRS Series electric actuators for hazardous locations are designed and produced to provide years of service in demanding industrial environments such as chemical processing, waste and water treatment, power generation, oil & gas, marine, mining and building services. These quarter-turn units drive dampers, ball valves, butterfly valves or inlet guide vanes that require torque ranges from 300 lbf-in up through 20,350 lbf-in. The HR Series housings are designed to meet NEMA 4X environmental demands, with ISO5211 compliant mounting that readily mounts up to most valves in the industries served. Featuring an epicyclic transmission system, the HRS Series provides highly efficient multiplication of motor power to produce uniquely compact torque ranges compared to other technologies. A clutch-free manual override system provides full-time override capabilities during powered or un-powered events, and allows for simple adaptation for overhead chain-wheel drive installations. Hayward is proud to introduce our latest product from the HRS family of electric actuators.

Key Features and Benefits

•   Designed for use in hazardous locations
•   120VAC, 24VAC/VDC, 230VAC, 220/3, 380/3, 480/3, and 575/3 options available
•   Units equipped with two (2) volt-free Form A Auxiliary switches Anti-Condensate heater standard
•   ISO5211 compliant mechanical mount w/ double-square female drive socket
•   Two (2) 1/2” or 3/4" EMT ports for ease of field wiring
•   NEMA 4/4X/IP66 Compliant
•   Visual position indicator
•   Collapsible spinner handle
Item # VoltageTorque RatingControlChassisPower Type CAD/BIM Available
HXYSN2BE1BAN00 24V310 in/lbsOn/OffHXY2BAC/DC
HXYSN2BE8BAC00 24V310 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXY2BAC/DC
HXYSN2BK1BAT00 120V310 in/lbsOn/OffHXY2BAC
HXYSN2BK8BAC00 120V310 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXY2BAC
HXYSN2BL1BAT00 230 VAC310 in/lbsOn/OffHXY2BAC
HXYSN2BL8BAC00 230 VAC310 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXY2BAC
HXYSN2SE1BAN00 24V440 in/lbsOn/OffHXY2SAC/DC
HXYSN2SE8BAC00 24V440 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXY2SAC/DC
HXYSN2SK1BAT00 120V440 in/lbsOn/OffHXY2SAC
HXYSN2SK8BAC00 120V440 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXY2SAC
HXYSN2SL1BAT00 230 VAC440 in/lbsOn/OffHXY2SAC
HXYSN2SL8BAC00 230 VAC440 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXY2SAC
HXZSN3AE1DAN0T 24V880 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ3AAC/DC
HXZSN3AE8DAC0T 24V880 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ3AAC/DC
HXZSN3AK1DAT0T 120V880 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ3AAC
HXZSN3AK8DAC0T 120V880 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ3AAC
HXZSN3AL1DAT0T 230 VAC880 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ3AAC
HXZSN3AL8DAC0T 230 VAC880 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ3AAC
HXZSN3AM1DANTR1 220V880 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXZ3A3 Phase
HXZSN3AM1DANTM3 220V880 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ3A3 Phase
HXZSN3AM8DACTM3 220V880 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ3A3 Phase
HXZSN3AR1DANTR1 380880 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXZ3A3 Phase
HXZSN3AR1DANTM3 380880 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ3A3 Phase
HXZSN3AR8DACTM3 380880 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ3A3 Phase
HXZSN3AT1DANTR1 480880 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXZ3A3 Phase
HXZSN3AT1DANTM3 480880 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ3A3 Phase
HXZSN3AT8DACTM3 480880 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ3A3 Phase
HXZSN3BE1DAN0T 24V1770 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ3BAC/DC
HXZSN3BE8DAC0T 24V1770 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ3BAC/DC
HXZSN3BK1DAT0T 120V1770 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ3BAC
HXZSN3BK8DAC0T 120V1770 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ3BAC
HXZSN3BL1DAT0T 230 VAC1770 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ3BAC
HXZSN3BL8DAC0T 230 VAC1770 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ3BAC
HXZSN3BM1DANTR1 220V1770 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXZ3B3 Phase
HXZSN3BM1DANTM3 220V1770 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ3B3 Phase
HXZSN3BM8DACTM3 220V1770 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ3B3 Phase
HXZSN3BR1DANTR1 3801770 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXZ3B3 Phase
HXZSN3BR1DANTM3 3801770 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ3B3 Phase
HXZSN3BR8DACTM3 3801770 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ3B3 Phase
HXZSN3BT1DANTR1 4801770 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXZ3B3 Phase
HXZSN3BT1DANTM3 4801770 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ3B3 Phase
HXZSN3BT8DACTM3 4801770 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ3B3 Phase
HXZSN4AE1EAN0T 24V3540 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ4AAC/DC
HXZSN4AE8EAC0T 24V3540 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ4AAC/DC
HXZSN4AK1EAT0T 120V3540 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ4AAC
HXZSN4AK8EAC0T 120V3540 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ4AAC
HXZSN4AL1EAT0T 230 VAC3540 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ4AAC
HXZSN4AL8EAC0T 230 VAC3540 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ4AAC
HXZSN4AM1EANTR1 220V3540 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXZ4A3 Phase
HXZSN4AM1EANTM3 220V3540 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ4A3 Phase
HXZSN4AM8EACTM3 220V3540 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ4A3 Phase
HXZSN4AR1EANTR1 3803540 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXZ4A3 Phase
HXZSN4AR1EANTM3 3803540 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ4A3 Phase
HXZSN4AR8EACTM3 3803540 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ4A3 Phase
HXZSN4AT1EANTR1 4803540 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXZ4A3 Phase
HXZSN4AT1EANTM3 4803540 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ4A3 Phase
HXZSN4AT8EACTM3 4803540 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ4A3 Phase
HXZSN4BE1FAN0T 24V5310 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ4BAC/DC
HXZSN4BE8FAC0T 24V5310 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ4BAC/DC
HXZSN4BK1FAT0T 120V5310 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ4BAC
HXZSN4BK8FAC0T 120V5310 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ4BAC
HXZSN4BL1FAT0T 230 VAC5310 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ4BAC
HXZSN4BL8FAC0T 230 VAC5310 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ4BAC
HXZSN4BM1FANTR1 220V5310 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXZ4B3 Phase
HXZSN4BM1FANTM3 220V5310 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ4B3 Phase
HXZSN4BM8FACTM3 220V5310 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ4B3 Phase
HXZSN4BR1FANTR1 3805310 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXZ4B3 Phase
HXZSN4BR1FANTM3 3805310 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ4B3 Phase
HXZSN4BR8FACTM3 3805310 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ4B3 Phase
HXZSN4BT1FANTR1 4805310 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXZ4B3 Phase
HXZSN4BT1FANTM3 4805310 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ4B3 Phase
HXZSN4BT8FACTM3 4805310 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ4B3 Phase
HXZSN4CE1FAN0T 24V7080 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ4CAC/DC
HXZSN4CE8FAC0T 24V7080 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ4CAC/DC
HXZSN4CK1FAT0T 120V7080 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ4CAC
HXZSN4CK8FAC0T 120V7080 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ4CAC
HXZSN4CL1FAT0T 230 VAC7080 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ4CAC
HXZSN4CL8FAC0T 230 VAC7080 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ4CAC
HXZSN4CM1FANTR1 220V7080 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXZ4C3 Phase
HXZSN4CM1FANTM3 220V7080 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ4C3 Phase
HXZSN4CM8FACTM3 220V7080 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ4C3 Phase
HXZSN4CR1FANTR1 3807080 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXZ4C3 Phase
HXZSN4CR1FANTM3 3807080 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ4C3 Phase
HXZSN4CR8FACTM3 3807080 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ4C3 Phase
HXZSN4CT1FANTR1 4807080 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXZ4C3 Phase
HXZSN4CT1FANTM3 4807080 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ4C3 Phase
HXZSN4CT8FACTM3 4807080 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ4C3 Phase
HXZSN4DE1FAN0T 24V8850 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ4DAC/DC
HXZSN4DE8FAC0T 24V8850 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ4DAC/DC
HXZSN4DK1FAT0T 120V8850 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ4DAC
HXZSN4DK8FAC0T 120V8850 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ4DAC
HXZSN4DL1FAT0T 230 VAC8850 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ4DAC
HXZSN4DL8FAC0T 230 VAC8850 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ4DAC
HXZSN4DM1FANTR1 220V8850 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXZ4D3 Phase
HXZSN4DM1FANTM3 220V8850 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ4D3 Phase
HXZSN4DM8FACTM3 220V8850 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ4D3 Phase
HXZSN4DR1FANTR1 3808850 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXZ4D3 Phase
HXZSN4DR1FANTM3 3808850 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ4D3 Phase
HXZSN4DR8FACTM3 3808850 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ4D3 Phase
HXZSN4DT1FANTR1 4808850 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXZ4D3 Phase
HXZSN4DT1FANTM3 4808850 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ4D3 Phase
HXZSN4DT8FACTM3 4808850 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ4D3 Phase
HXZSN4EE1GAN0T 24V15040 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ4EAC/DC
HXZSN4EE8GAC0T 24V15040 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ4EAC/DC
HXZSN4EK1GAT0T 120V15040 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ4EAC
HXZSN4EK8GAC0T 120V15040 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ4EAC
HXZSN4EL1GAT0T 230 VAC15040 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ4EAC
HXZSN4EL8GAC0T 230 VAC15040 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ4EAC
HXZSN4EM1GANTR1 220V15040 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXZ4E3 Phase
HXZSN4EM1GANTM3 220V15040 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ4E3 Phase
HXZSN4EM8GACTM3 220V15040 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ4E3 Phase
HXZSN4ER1GANTR1 38015040 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXZ4E3 Phase
HXZSN4ER1GANTM3 38015040 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ4E3 Phase
HXZSN4ER8GACTM3 38015040 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ4E3 Phase
HXZSN4ET1GANTR1 48015040 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXZ4E3 Phase
HXZSN4ET1GANTM3 48015040 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ4E3 Phase
HXZSN4ET8GACTM3 48015040 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ4E3 Phase
HXZSN4FK1HAT0T 120V20350 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ4FAC
HXZSN4FK8HAC0T 120V20350 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ4FAC
HXZSN4FL1HAT0T 230 VAC20350 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ4FAC
HXZSN4FL8HAC0T 230 VAC20350 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ4FAC
HXZSN4FM1HANTR1 220V20350 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXZ4F3 Phase
HXZSN4FM1HANTM3 220V20350 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ4F3 Phase
HXZSN4FM8HACTM3 220V20350 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ4F3 Phase
HXZSN4FR1HANTR1 38020350 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXZ4F3 Phase
HXZSN4FR1HANTM3 38020350 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ4F3 Phase
HXZSN4FR8HACTM3 38020350 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ4F3 Phase
HXZSN4FT1HANTR1 48020350 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXZ4F3 Phase
HXZSN4FT1HANTM3 48020350 in/lbsOn/OffHXZ4F3 Phase
HXZSN4FT8HACTM3 48020350 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXZ4F3 Phase