S Series Vertical Seal Less Immersible Pumps

Key Features and Benefits

•   Heavy Duty Design for Continuous Duty Service
•   Available in CPVC, GFPP and PVDF
•   FPM Elastomers
•   Seal-Less Design

Product Options

• Optional Inlet Screen and Extended Shaft
• In-Tank Filtration
• CPVC Inlet Screens
• Extended Shafts
• Impeller Trim Variations
• Explosion Proof Motors
• Washdown Motors
• 575V Motors
• EPDM Elastomers
• S-J Type Electrical Cord

Material Classes

•   CPVC Cell Class 23447 per ASTM D1784
•   GFPP Cell Class 85580 per ASTM D4101
•   PVDF
Item # VoltagePhaseModelHorsepowerMotor Type CAD/BIM Available
1s4gx0008 115/230Single PhaseS-Series CPVC1/2 HPTEFC
1s8gx0008 115/230Single PhaseS-Series CPVC1-1/2 HPTEFC
1s0hx0100 208/230-460Three PhaseS-Series CPVC3 HP with Improved ImpellerTEFC
1s4hx0008 208/230-460Three PhaseS-Series CPVC3/4 HPTEFC
1s5gx0008 115/230Single PhaseS-Series CPVC3/4 HPTEFC
1s2gx0008 115/230Single PhaseS-Series CPVC1/3 HPTEFC
1s5hx0008 208/230-460Three PhaseS-Series CPVC1 HPTEFC
1s8hx0008 208/230-460Three PhaseS-Series CPVC1-1/2 HPTEFC
1ss7gx008 115/230Single PhaseS-Series CPVC1 HPTEFC
1s2hx0008 208/230-460Three PhaseS-Series CPVC1/3 HPTEFC
1s9hx0008 208/230-460Three PhaseS-Series CPVC5 HPTEFC
1s0hx0008 208/230-460Three PhaseS-Series CPVC3 HPTEFC