3" EASTAR Simplex Basket Strainer w/FPM o-rings; threaded end connections w/ PVC 1/8 in Perf Basket

Item # SBC300T
List Price: $2,226.30

Product Description

Available in sizes 1/2" - 8" in PVC, CPVC, GFPP, Eastar® and natural PVDF materials. Seals are FPM or EPDM with either socket, threaded or flanged end connections. Each strainer comes with a standard plastic basket. Other basket materials available such as SS316, Monel and Hastelloy available upon request. See Basket Replacements.

Certified to NSF/ANSI 61 & 372 PVC and CPVC

hfc filtration

Pipe Size
3 in
Body Material
Body End Connector Material
Eastar® / PVC
Basket Material
PVC 1/8 in Perf
Sealing Material
End Connection Material
End Connection Type
Pressure Rating
100 PSI
Cv Coefficient
Chassis Description
Standard Body

• Available in PVC, CPVC, GFPP and Eastar®
• True Union Design
• Ergonomic Hand-Removable Cover
• In-Line or Loop Connections
• External Cover Threads
• Integral Flat Mounting Bases
• PVC or CPVC Baskets Standard
• NSF / ANSI 61 and NSF / ANSI 372 Listed

•  Stainless Steel, Monel®, Hastelloy® and Titanium Strainer Baskets
• Pressure Differential Gauge and Switch
•  Baskets Available with Perforated or Mesh Liners

• PVC Cell Class 12454 per ASTM D1784
• CPVC Cell Class 23447 per ASTM D1784
• GFPP Cell Class 85580 per ASTM D4101
• Eastar®
• FPM and EPDM O-Ring Seals

All thermoplastic basket strainers shall be manufactured with PVC Type 1, Grade 1 (ASTM D1784, Cell Classification 12454), CPVC (ASTM D1784, Cell Classification 23447), or glass filled Polypropylene (ASTM D4101, Cell Classification 85580). All O-rings shall be EPDM or FPM. Sizes 1/2" – 4" shall be onepiece molded body, true union type design. 6" and 8" sizes shall be fabricated design, and shall be flanged. Bodies shall contain (3) ports to accommodate in-line or loop-style flow patterns. Bodies shall contain interrupted external cover thread for safety purposes. Each body shall have an integral mounting base. Covers shall contain a vent plug, and bodies shall contain a drain plug. Both plugs shall be hand-removable. Covers shall have an integral liquid-displacing dome on the underside of each cover. Strainer baskets shall be 1/32" perforation (20-mesh) for 1/2" – 1" sizes, and 1/8" perforation for 1-1/2" – 8" sizes. Alternative basket perforation sizes and materials shall be available to meet the installation requirements. All 1/2" through 8" basket strainers shall be pressure-rated for 150 PSI at 70°F non-shock. All Thermoplastic Basket Strainers shall carry a three-year global warranty, shall be manufactured by Hayward® Flow Control and in the USA.