12" CPVC Wafer Full Pattern Check Valve w/SS spring; FPM o-ring

Item # WCV21200VS
List Price: $3,878.10

Product Description

New Full Pattern Wafer Check Valves in PVC and CPVC, sizes 2" - 12" with FPM or EPDM Gasket and Disc Seals. Spring return option in 316 Stainless Steel or Hastelloy materials. No spacers or specialty flanges required.

Pipe Size
12 in
Sealing Material
Spring Material
Stainless Steel Spring
End Connection Type
Large Diameter Full Pattern Wafer
Pressure Rating
150 PSI
Cv Coefficient

• Robust Full Pattern Body
• Available in PVC and CPVC
• No Special Spacers or Flanges Required
• High Cv Rating, Saves on Energy and Pump Wear
• FPM or EPDM Gasket and Face Seal
• One-Piece Disc and Shaft Design
• Designed for ANSI150 and PN10 Flanges*
• Contoured Inlet Port for Reduced Head Loss
• Lower Closing Pressure than Swing Check Valves
• Integral Bolt Eyes for Ease of Installation for Large Sizes (4" - 12")
• Can be Installed in Vertical or Horizontal Position
• Pressure Rated to 150 PSI/PN10 in All Sizes

• 316 Stainless Steel or Hastelloy® Disc Spring

• PVC per ASTM D1784 Cell Class 12454
• CPVC per ASTM D1784 Cell Class 23447
• FPM and EPDM Gasket and Disc Seals

All thermoplastic wafer check valves shall be manufactured with PVC Type 1, Grade 1 (ASTM D1784, Cell Classification 12454), CPVC (ASTM D1784, Cell Classification 23447), or glass filled Polypropylene (ASTM D4101, Cell Classification 85580). All O-rings and seals shall be EPDM or FPM. Body shall be full pattern design with integral spacer. Body shall contain contoured inlet to ensure self-cleaning capabilities. Body shall contain integral eyelets/external tabs to assist with installation. Disc shall be one-piece, teardrop design. Seat shall be tilted-disc design for better seating characteristics. For spring-assisted discs, spring material shall be 316 stainless steel, or Hastelloy® as required. All 2" – 8" wafer check valves shall be pressure-rated for 150 PSI at 70°F non-shock. All Thermoplastic Wafer Check Valves shall carry a three-year global warranty, shall be manufactured by Hayward® Flow Control and in the USA.