Flow Control Valves

Hayward's flow control valves cover the entire application from controlling line flow to precision drip applications in the lab. Available in all thermoplastic construction, they are ideal for corrosive and high-purity applications.
Product Listing
DAB Series Diaphragm Valves
The DAB Series Diaphragm Valves are available in sizes 1/2 in. – 6 in., with PVC and CPVC. Possible end connections are true-union socket or threaded and flanged ends. All DAB Series feature a highly visable beacon indicator. Possible diaphragm materials are EPDM, FPM and PTFE. PVDF vapor barrier available upon request for EPDM and PTFE diaphragms. The DAB Series are also available with pneumatic actuation.
NVA Series Needle Valves
Available in PVC, CPVC, GFPP and PVDF materials and construction. The NVA Series features an integrated stem with a PTFE seat for superior control, purity and performance. Sizes range from 1/4 in. (DN8) to 1/2 in. (DN10). FPM Seals are standard. All valves carry a pressure rating of 150 psi / 10 bar Non-Shock at 70ºF.
AV Series Angle Globe Valves
Available in sizes 1/4 in. to 2 in. with FPM Seals and NPT threaded ends. All PVC construction. Perfect for throttling and changing flow direction or venting.
LC Series Universal Stopcock™ Valves
The Universal Stopcock™ features EPDM Seals and supplied with all the end connections necessary to make six different end combinations. Available in PVC material and in 1/4 in. size. Possible combinations of end connections are FPTxFPT, FPT x MPT, FPT x Hose, MPT x MPT, MPT x Hose and Hose x Hose.