HRS Series On/Off Proportional Electric Fail-Safe Actuators

Hayward’s HRS Series Battery Backup electric actuators are designed and produced to provide years of service in demanding industrial environments such as chemical processing, waste and water treatment, power generation, oil & gas, marine, mining, and building services. The integral battery backup system manages battery charge/discharge cycles to provide safe and reliable reserve power in the event of mains power failure. These quarter-turn units drive dampers, ball valves, butterfly valves or inlet guide vanes that require torque ranges from 300 in-lbs up to 177,000 in-lbs. The HR Series housings are designed to meet NEMA 4X environmental demands, with ISO5211 compliant mounting that readily attaches to most valves in the industries served. The HRS2 Series is a compact multi-stage gear train with a lever-less manual override system built in. The HRS3+ Series features an epicyclic transmission system that provides highly efficient multiplication of motor power to produce uniquely compact torque ranges compared to other technologies. A clutch-free manual override system provides full-time override capabilities during powered or un-powered events.

Key Features and Benefits

•   Stored Energy System provides positive valve positioning upon loss of mains power
•   Up to 8850”lbs torque for butterfly valves up to 14”
•   24VAC/VDC operation standard, with 120vac and 230vac transformer options available
•   Field selectable fail CW or CCW operation for complete flexibility
•   Self-Contained charge and discharge control of the Lithium-Ion Battery or Supercapacitor bank provides maximum life from the reserve energy system
•   Battery Pack and Supercapacitor bank are field replaceable to minimize down-time
•   Stored Energy status indicators show system health
•   Fault-Out contact is standard and allows remote monitoring of the stored energy system performance.
•   ISO5211 Mechanical mount w/ double-square female drive socket
•   Two (2) 1/2” or 3/4” EMT ports for ease of field wiring
•   NEMA 4/4x/IP67 Compliant
Item # VoltageTorque RatingControlChassisPower Type CAD/BIM Available
HRSN4AE9E1EAC20 24V3540 in/lbs2-10vdc In/OutHRSN4AAC/DC
HRSN2AE1A1CAN2X 24V310 in/lbsOn/OffHRSN2AAC/DC
HRSN2AE8A1CAC2X 24V310 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHRSN2AAC/DC
HRSN2BE1A1CAN20 24V310 in/lbsOn/OffHRSN2BAC/DC
HRSN2BE8A1CAC20 24V310 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHRSN2BAC/DC
HRSN2RE1A1CAN2X 24V440 in/lbsOn/OffHRSN2RAC/DC
HRSN2RE8A1CAC2X 24V440 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHRSN2RAC/DC
HRSN2SE1A1DAN20 24V440 in/lbsOn/OffHRSN2SAC/DC
HRSN2SE8A1DAC20 24V440 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHRSN2SAC/DC
HRSN3AE1D1DAN20 24V880 in/lbsOn/OffHRSN3AAC/DC
HRSN3AE8D1DAC20 24V880 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHRSN3AAC/DC
HRSN3BE1D1DAN20 24V1770 in/lbsOn/OffHRSN3BAC/DC
HRSN3BE8D1DAC20 24V1770 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHRSN3BAC/DC
HRSN4AE1E1EAN20 24V3540 in/lbsOn/OffHRSN4AAC/DC
HRSN4AE8E1EAC20 24V3540 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHRSN4AAC/DC
HRSN4BE1F1FAN20 24V5310 in/lbsOn/OffHRSN4BAC/DC
HRSN4BE8F1FAC20 24V5310 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHRSN4BAC/DC
HRSN4CE1F1FAN20 24V7080 in/lbsOn/OffHRSN4CAC/DC
HRSN4CE8F1FAC20 24V7080 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHRSN4CAC/DC
HRSN4DE1F1FAN20 24V8850 in/lbsOn/OffHRSN4DAC/DC
HRSN4DE8F1FAC20 24V8850 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHRSN4DAC/DC
HRSN3AE9D1DAC20 24V880 in/lbs2-10vdc In/OutHRSN3AAC/DC