HRS Series Electric Actuation for Hazardous Locations - ATEX

Hayward’s HRXC & HRXB Series electric actuators are designed and produced to provide years of service in demanding industrial environments such as chemical processing, waste and water treatment, power generation, oil & gas, marine, mining and building services. The HRXB/C Series have enhanced housings designed to meet the rigors of operating in explosive atmospheres. These quarter-turn units drive dampers, ball valves, butterfly valves or inlet guide vanes that require torque ranges from 300 in-lbs up to 177,000 in-lbs. The HRXB/C Series housings are designed to meet NEMA 4X environmental demands, with ISO5211 compliant mounting that readily attaches to most valves in the industries served. The HRXC Series is a compact multi-stage gear train with a lever-less manual override system built-in. The HRXB Series features an epicyclic transmission system that provides highly efficient multiplication of motor power to produce uniquely compact torque ranges compared to other technologies. A clutch-free manual override system provides full-time override capabilities during powered or un-powered events.

Key Features and Benefits

•   Designed for use in hazardous locations
•   120VAC, 24VAC/VDC, 230VAC, 220/3, 380/3, 480/3, and 575/3 options available
•   Units equipped with two (2) volt-free Form A Auxiliary switches Anti-Condensate heater standard
•   ISO5211 compliant mechanical mount w/ double-square female drive socket
•   Two (2) 1/2” or 3/4" EMT ports for ease of field wiring
•   NEMA 4/4X/IP66 Compliant
•   Visual position indicator
•   Collapsible spinner handle
Item # VoltageTorque RatingControlChassisPower Type CAD/BIM Available
HXCSN2BE1BAN00 24V310 in/lbsOn/OffHXC2BAC/DC
HXCSN2BE8BAC00 24V310 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXC2BAC/DC
HXCSN2BK1BAT00 120V310 in/lbsOn/OffHXC2BAC
HXCSN2BK8BAC00 120V310 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXC2BAC
HXCSN2BL1BAT00 230 VAC310 in/lbsOn/OffHXC2BAC
HXCSN2BL8BAC00 230 VAC310 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXC2BAC
HXCSN2SE1BAN00 24V440 in/lbsOn/OffHXC2SAC/DC
HXCSN2SE8BAC00 24V440 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXC2SAC/DC
HXCSN2SK1BAT00 120V440 in/lbsOn/OffHXC2SAC
HXCSN2SK8BAC00 120V440 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXC2SAC
HXCSN2SL1BAT00 230 VAC440 in/lbsOn/OffHXC2SAC
HXCSN2SL8BAC00 230 VAC440 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXC2SAC
HXBSN3AE1DAN0T 24V880 in/lbsOn/OffHXB3AAC/DC
HXBSN3AE8DAC0T 24V880 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB3AAC/DC
HXBSN3AK1DAT0T 120V880 in/lbsOn/OffHXB3AAC
HXBSN3AK8DAC0T 120V880 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB3AAC
HXBSN3AL1DAT0T 230 VAC880 in/lbsOn/OffHXB3AAC
HXBSN3AL8DAC0T 230 VAC880 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB3AAC
HXBSN3AM1DATTR1 220V880 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXB3A3 Phase
HXBSN3AM1DATTM3 220V880 in/lbsOn/OffHXB3A3 Phase
HXBSN3AM8DACTM3 220V880 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB3A3 Phase
HXBSN3AR1DATTR1 380880 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXB3A3 Phase
HXBSN3AR1DATTM3 380880 in/lbsOn/OffHXB3A3 Phase
HXBSN3AR8DACTM3 380880 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB3A3 Phase
HXBSN3AT1DATTR1 480880 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXB3A3 Phase
HXBSN3AT1DATTM3 480880 in/lbsOn/OffHXB3A3 Phase
HXBSN3AT8DACTM3 480880 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB3A3 Phase
HXBSN3BE1DAN0T 24V1770 in/lbsOn/OffHXB3BAC/DC
HXBSN3BE8DAC0T 24V1770 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB3BAC/DC
HXBSN3BK1DAT0T 120V1770 in/lbsOn/OffHXB3BAC
HXBSN3BK8DAC0T 120V1770 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB3BAC
HXBSN3BL1DAT0T 230 VAC1770 in/lbsOn/OffHXB3BAC
HXBSN3BL8DAC0T 230 VAC1770 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB3BAC
HXBSN3BM1DATTR1 220V1770 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXB3B3 Phase
HXBSN3BM1DATTM3 220V1770 in/lbsOn/OffHXB3B3 Phase
HXBSN3BM8DACTM3 220V1770 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB3B3 Phase
HXBSN3BR1DATTR1 3801770 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXB3B3 Phase
HXBSN3BR1DATTM3 3801770 in/lbsOn/OffHXB3B3 Phase
HXBSN3BR8DACTM3 3801770 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB3B3 Phase
HXBSN3BT1DATTR1 4801770 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXB3B3 Phase
HXBSN3BT1DATTM3 4801770 in/lbsOn/OffHXB3B3 Phase
HXBSN3BT8DACTM3 4801770 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB3B3 Phase
HXBSN4AE1EAN0T 24V3540 in/lbsOn/OffHXB4AAC/DC
HXBSN4AE8EAC0T 24V3540 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB4AAC/DC
HXBSN4AK1EAT0T 120V3540 in/lbsOn/OffHXB4AAC
HXBSN4AK8EAC0T 120V3540 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB4AAC
HXBSN4AL1EAT0T 230 VAC3540 in/lbsOn/OffHXB4AAC
HXBSN4AL8EAC0T 230 VAC3540 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB4AAC
HXBSN4AM1EATTR1 220V3540 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXB4A3 Phase
HXBSN4AM1EATTM3 220V3540 in/lbsOn/OffHXB4A3 Phase
HXBSN4AM8EACTM3 220V3540 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB4A3 Phase
HXBSN4AR1EATTR1 3803540 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXB4A3 Phase
HXBSN4AR1EATTM3 3803540 in/lbsOn/OffHXB4A3 Phase
HXBSN4AR8EACTM3 3803540 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB4A3 Phase
HXBSN4AT1EATTR1 4803540 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXB4A3 Phase
HXBSN4AT1EATTM3 4803540 in/lbsOn/OffHXB4A3 Phase
HXBSN4AT8EACTM3 4803540 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB4A3 Phase
HXBSN4BE1FAN0T 24V5310 in/lbsOn/OffHXB4BAC/DC
HXBSN4BE8FAC0T 24V5310 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB4BAC/DC
HXBSN4BK1FAT0T 120V5310 in/lbsOn/OffHXB4BAC
HXBSN4BK8FAC0T 120V5310 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB4BAC
HXBSN4BL1FAT0T 230 VAC5310 in/lbsOn/OffHXB4BAC
HXBSN4BL8FAC0T 230 VAC5310 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB4BAC
HXBSN4BM1FATTR1 220V5310 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXB4B3 Phase
HXBSN4BM1FATTM3 220V5310 in/lbsOn/OffHXB4B3 Phase
HXBSN4BM8FACTM3 220V5310 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB4B3 Phase
HXBSN4BR1FATTR1 3805310 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXB4B3 Phase
HXBSN4BR1FATTM3 3805310 in/lbsOn/OffHXB4B3 Phase
HXBSN4BR8FACTM3 3805310 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB4B3 Phase
HXBSN4BT1FATTR1 4805310 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXB4B3 Phase
HXBSN4BT1FATTM3 4805310 in/lbsOn/OffHXB4B3 Phase
HXBSN4BT8FACTM3 4805310 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB4B3 Phase
HXBSN4CE1FAN0T 24V7080 in/lbsOn/OffHXB4CAC/DC
HXBSN4CE8FAC0T 24V7080 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB4CAC/DC
HXBSN4CK1FAT0T 120V7080 in/lbsOn/OffHXB4CAC
HXBSN4CK8FAC0T 120V7080 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB4CAC
HXBSN4CL1FAT0T 230 VAC7080 in/lbsOn/OffHXB4CAC
HXBSN4CL8FAC0T 230 VAC7080 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB4CAC
HXBSN4CM1FATTR1 220V7080 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXB4C3 Phase
HXBSN4CM1FATTM3 220V7080 in/lbsOn/OffHXB4C3 Phase
HXBSN4CM8FACTM3 220V7080 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB4C3 Phase
HXBSN4CR1FATTR1 3807080 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXB4C3 Phase
HXBSN4CR1FATTM3 3807080 in/lbsOn/OffHXB4C3 Phase
HXBSN4CR8FACTM3 3807080 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB4C3 Phase
HXBSN4CT1FATTR1 4807080 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXB4C3 Phase
HXBSN4CT1FATTM3 4807080 in/lbsOn/OffHXB4C3 Phase
HXBSN4CT8FACTM3 4807080 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB4C3 Phase
HXBSN4DE1FAN0T 24V8850 in/lbsOn/OffHXB4DAC/DC
HXBSN4DE8FAC0T 24V8850 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB4DAC/DC
HXBSN4DK1FAT0T 120V8850 in/lbsOn/OffHXB4DAC
HXBSN4DK8FAC0T 120V8850 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB4DAC
HXBSN4DL1FAT0T 230 VAC8850 in/lbsOn/OffHXB4DAC
HXBSN4DL8FAC0T 230 VAC8850 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB4DAC
HXBSN4DM1FATTR1 220V8850 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXB4D3 Phase
HXBSN4DM1FATTM3 220V8850 in/lbsOn/OffHXB4D3 Phase
HXBSN4DM8FACTM3 220V8850 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB4D3 Phase
HXBSN4DR1FATTR1 3808850 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXB4D3 Phase
HXBSN4DR1FATTM3 3808850 in/lbsOn/OffHXB4D3 Phase
HXBSN4DR8FACTM3 3808850 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB4D3 Phase
HXBSN4DT1FATTR1 4808850 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXB4D3 Phase
HXBSN4DT1FATTM3 4808850 in/lbsOn/OffHXB4D3 Phase
HXBSN4DT8FACTM3 4808850 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB4D3 Phase
HXBSN4EE1GAN0T 24V15040 in/lbsOn/OffHXB4EAC/DC
HXBSN4EE8GAC0T 24V15040 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB4EAC/DC
HXBSN4EK1GAT0T 120V15040 in/lbsOn/OffHXB4EAC
HXBSN4EK8GAC0T 120V15040 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB4EAC
HXBSN4EL1GAT0T 230 VAC15040 in/lbsOn/OffHXB4EAC
HXBSN4EL8GAC0T 230 VAC15040 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB4EAC
HXBSN4EM1GATTR1 220V15040 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXB4E3 Phase
HXBSN4EM1GATTM3 220V15040 in/lbsOn/OffHXB4E3 Phase
HXBSN4EM8GACTM3 220V15040 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB4E3 Phase
HXBSN4ER1GATTR1 38015040 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXB4E3 Phase
HXBSN4ER1GATTM3 38015040 in/lbsOn/OffHXB4E3 Phase
HXBSN4ER8GACTM3 38015040 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB4E3 Phase
HXBSN4ET1GATTR1 48015040 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXB4E3 Phase
HXBSN4ET1GATTM3 48015040 in/lbsOn/OffHXB4E3 Phase
HXBSN4ET8GACTM3 48015040 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB4E3 Phase
HXBSN4FK1HAT0T 120V20350 in/lbsOn/OffHXB4FAC
HXBSN4FK8HAC0T 120V20350 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB4FAC
HXBSN4FL1HAT0T 230 VAC20350 in/lbsOn/OffHXB4FAC
HXBSN4FL8HAC0T 230 VAC20350 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB4FAC
HXBSN4FM1HATTR1 220V20350 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXB4F3 Phase
HXBSN4FM1HATTM3 220V20350 in/lbsOn/OffHXB4F3 Phase
HXBSN4FM8HACTM3 220V20350 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB4F3 Phase
HXBSN4FR1HATTR1 38020350 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXB4F3 Phase
HXBSN4FR1HATTM3 38020350 in/lbsOn/OffHXB4F3 Phase
HXBSN4FR8HACTM3 38020350 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB4F3 Phase
HXBSN4FT1HATTR1 48020350 in/lbsBasic-Existing Remote MCCHXB4F3 Phase
HXBSN4FT1HATTM3 48020350 in/lbsOn/OffHXB4F3 Phase
HXBSN4FT8HACTM3 48020350 in/lbs4-20mA In/OutHXB4F3 Phase